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Concord Group provides you with the convenience of managing your policies online.  Just sign-up for a CONNECT account by CLICKING HERE.

CONNECT to electronic document delivery

  • Receive email notifications when new policy documents are available to view via your online account.  Reduce the use of paper and help the environment.

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  • View and print policy documents – including ID cards, declarations, policies, invoices and more.  Access your account information, bill paying and important documents – 24/7.

CONNECT How to create an account

  • Click here for detailed instructions on setting up your CONNECT Account.

Electronic Document Delivery Terms and Conditions 

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to receive information about your account electronically. If you would like to receive Policy Documents and Notices through your online CONNECT account, instead of paper copies through the mail, please review this notice for the Terms and Conditions you are consenting to and print a copy for your records.

Electronic Delivery of Policy Documents and Notices

To access, receive, and retain Policy Documents and Notices through your CONNECT account, you must provide, at your own expense, an Internet connected device. Your device must meet the minimum requirements outlined below. You confirm that your device will meet these requirements and will permit you to access your Documents and Notices electronically each time you access and use your CONNECT account.

To keep a copy of any Document or Notice that you view online, you may Print to your personal printer or select Save to retain a copy on your device. You should not sign up for a CONNECT account using a public computer.

System Requirements to Access Information

To receive an electronic copy of your Policy Documents and Notices, you must have the following equipment and software:

  • A personal computer or other device that is capable of accessing the Internet. Your access to this page verifies that your system/device meets these requirements.
  • An Internet web browser with a version currently supported by the manufacturer. We recommend Microsoft® Edge, Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Firefox®, Chrome™, or Safari®.
  • Software installed on your computer or device that allows you to receive and access Portable Document Format or “PDF” files such as Adobe Acrobat Reader®. Your access to this page verifies that your system or device has the necessary software to permit you to receive and access PDF files.

Withdrawal of Electronic Acceptance of Policy Documents and Notices

You may withdraw your consent to receive Policy Documents and Notices in electronic form for any of your policies at any time by selecting the “Electronic Document Delivery” link under Transactions within your CONNECT account. Select the “Standard Mail” checkbox for each policy that would wish to stop receiving Electronic Documents for, and click the “Change” button. Please note that changing your Electronic Document Delivery selections may result in a change in premium. We may treat your provision of an invalid email address as withdrawal of your consent to receive electronic Documents and Notices.

How to Update Your Records

It is your responsibility to provide us with an accurate and complete email address, and to update Concord Group promptly with any changes to this information. You can update this information by contacting your agent, either by phone or using the Email Your Agent option available through your CONNECT account.

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Manage Your Policy

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